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Why Should You Join ABSA?

Professional Development

Our professional events will develop your professional skills and knowledge in the business field to help you land your next internship/job interview.

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Business Meeting

Fortune 500 Company Presentations

We host fortune 500 companies to help our members determine their opportunities in various companies and increase their networking skills.

Leadership Development

By being part of ABSA, you will be eligible to apply as one of our executive boards and further develop your leadership skills.

Go Team
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Annual Harvard Conference

You will be eligible to apply to attend our annual Harvard Conference Trip that will expand your interpersonal skills and personal development as well.

Social Events

Our social events allow you to connect and build a close community with all of our ABSA members.

Social Gathering

2023 Harvard Trip

ABSA Developmental Program

Become a paid member and complete 5/8 tasks to receive a $15 Amazon Gift Card!

  1. Access to application for Leadership Committee/E-Board

  2. Access to application for Harvard Business Conference

  3. Mock-Interview & Resume Critique Anytime

  4. Paid member only events

  5. Access to Alumni Database

  6. Access to Member Development Program

  7. Assigned E-Board Mentor

Membership Dues

Membership dues are used directly to fund our events that we cater to our members. Everyone is welcome to attend our meeting but to become an active part of our organization, the annual dues are $35 oe $20 per semester. Dues can be paid through Venmo (sayalii) or Zelle.

Contact our Treasurer, Sayali Patil, at ( for any questions or concerns about dues. 

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